Seek to be Unique

I have been trying to stay ‘normal’ for many years, hide my imperfections and fit in a world where I was born to stand out. I wouldn’t find my place unless I created it myself. I wouldn’t be happy unless I learnt how to accept my differences, and if there is something I am certain of, that is: what I want in life is to be happy. I want to find happiness, and maintain a positive attitude in difficult times, instead of breaking down into pieces. I don’t want to pretend to be happy — I desire to truly be.

I will never be an ordinary person, and it is something that needs to be turned into my advantage. But nothing can every stop me from living this life to the fullest, taking all and everything, risking and experiencing whatever this Earth can offer. A very close friend of mine once told me that I have been fated to be special and I have no reason not to feel comfortable in my skin and be confident in my qualities and skills.

The mission of Seek the Unique is to help me achieve my self-acceptance, to explore my uniqueness and gradually fall in love with it. It is not going to be a blog about trendy fashion, or straight-line healthy eating. It is going to be a journey to becoming the Woman who I desire to be, to creating and accomplishing the outside-the-box vision of my unique life. I will hereby set and describe my goals and the little steps I’ll take every single day to their realization; although I am not a goal-oriented person, I have come to understand that a life without goals is an endless and meaningless wandering. To move forward, you must set a direction; you must push yourself in order to achieve your limits, and never ever stay at one place, hiding behind the walls of your uncertainty.

I do believe that everyone has their own purpose and should take ‘the road least traveled by’ to discover it; and I do hope that Seek the Unique will become your inspiration to take the first step towards breaking the stereotypes and choosing to be happy, and be You.


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