A Moment Of Appreciation

Tonight, I just feel grateful. I want to take the time to think about all the friendships that I have built during the last years, all of which have had their peaks and downs, some of which are going to last for years and some are maybe going to fade away with the time. I want to take the time to appreciate the uniqueness of each one of them and just be thankful for the lessons learnt and the memories made. I’ve come to realize that you cannot force a friendship to last longer or to become deeper than what it’s meant to be. You can’t put more on people that they are able or willing to take. You need to give and demand just as much, not more and not less; and sometimes you need to let go — to let go memories and times that have passed, and people who need to move on.

Tonight, I just want to thank all the people that I’ve had or luckily still have in my life for being there for me in my best moments and some of them — in the worst of my times. Thank you for giving me the little moments of joy and happiness that have become the greatest memories. I appreciate you.


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