The Reasons. Why Do You Want To Be Somebody Else?

Everything that you do in your life — you do it for a reason. Wishing and trying to become a better version of yourself is not an exception. On the contrary, once this thought has crossed your mind, you can be absolutely sure that the reason already exists — you just need to find it, to recognize it and work with it.

As I wrote in my previous article about The Art of Improving Yourself, the reason is the first step on your long and probably difficult path to changing your mentality, your habits or whatever you need to. If you do not know why you want to achieve a certain goal, it is highly likely that you will lose motivation when things get tough and will abandon it.

In this sense, I decided to think of my reason why I want to pursue my goal of improving myself. I believe the list is not complete, and you can bet that some reasons have remained hidden, to both you and probably me.

#1. I do not want to rely on people.

As simple as that. At the current moment, I’m financially dependent on my parents (and extremely grateful for all the opportunities they provide me with), somehow dependent on other people for arranging entertainment and at times — dependent on people in terms of how I feel and how much I want to achieve.

It’s impossible to make people completely irrelevant — and I am far from this thought, because I love communicating and these communications are a determining factor for my well-being. What I want to achieve, is to be able to concentrate on myself, first, and then — on all the rest. I want to be able to survive and fight with this life on my own.

#2. I do not want to have a life that lacks meaning.

Maybe I’m getting older, or maybe I’m just growing up — but these days I’ve been questioning myself: What will remain after I’m gone? What will I leave behind? Who will be affected by my absence, and what will I be remembered for?

#3. I do not want to have a boring and monotonous life.

I love action. Having a long list of tasks does not scare me — it makes me feel alive, knowing that I’m doing something which is meaningful. I’ve already talked about  the routine and how much I enjoy its security and comfort. It might sound paradoxically, however, that I enjoy new experiences, as well. So, in the end, you may ask, what do you want, girl, a routine or an adventure?

My soul craves adventures. It desires newness and life. It’s ready to face challenging opportunities and to conquer unknown horizons. And it’s ready to make a sacrifice: the comfortable, secure routine.

#4. I want to be more appreciative.

Life is amazing. It has given me so much — so many blessings. I feel that I need to show more gratitude and more appreciation for what’s been given to me and for what I’ve earned. It’s the little things in life, that build the greatest happiness.

My list may go on, I guess. If I dig deeper. If you look through. We all have those reasons that will be kept secretly in the heart because the world would not be able to understand them or according to the society, we would be selfish or even ruthless. However, as long as they exist — and bring you strength to wake up in the morning and do what needs to be done, does anything else matter?

What’s on your motivational list?




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