My Attitude of Gratitude. Week #1

Not so long ago I read a book about improving my conversational skills and boosting my confidence when approaching new people and wishing to lead better conversations. It was a good read, and actually I found some points quite interesting and applicable.

One of the things that impressed me most, though, was the so-called Love and Connection Daily Practice that aims at helping you take charge of how you feel and think when you are socializing. It consists of 4 parts: One Act of Kindness, Gratitude, Love Yourself and Forgiveness — for the latter three, you have to list ten people or things that you are grateful for, you respect in yourself or you give your forgiveness to.

However, I decided to initially concentrate on the gratitude aspect in order to reduce the negativity in my daily life and to focus on the positive. In the following weeks, I will be posting between five or ten events or people that I’ve been grateful for each day. Some might be big — as achievement of a set goal, and some — with no need for justification or with no great impact. Just simple acts that have added a certain positive value to my day.

In this first week, I’ve realized how easy it is to set the focus on the people who annoy you, you have betrayed you and made you feel bad. Or the things that did not work well, your failures, your disappointments. It comes so naturally — and this is what I need to improve and change. Because you know what they say — a positive mind will give you a positive life.

On Monday, 5/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. Having been awake before the sunrise, which has not happened recently;
  2. Finding the time and the motivation to start my first email campaigns at Illie;
  3. Having a small talk with one of my classmates while waiting for the next class;
  4. Having been ‘backed up’ by a classmate at the university cafeteria when I did not understood the lady behind the bar because she spoke in Spanish too fast;
  5. Getting two orders in my website (despite the fact that both were incomplete and might not be monetized);
  6. Having positive feedback from one of my promoters for the flyer campaign at Illie;
  7. Having been able to appreciate the amazing views at my university campus and the beautiful colors of the sky on my way home;
  8. Having nice people to chat with in my Spanish course;
  9. Having a cool teacher in my Spanish course who speaks almost perfect English as well and is truly funny;
  10. House of Cards — for inspiring me to chase my goals no matter what;
  11. For the Snap-chats from a close friend, reminding me of (not too) old and happy times. I am grateful for having those memories, and those people in my life.

On Tuesday, 6/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. For my craft-maker and the fact that she delivered satisfactory results;
  2. A good Skype talk with my mom;
  3. Having a collaboration with a very responsive and nice blogger;
  4. Being mentioned in the blog of a book-review blogger;
  5. Having a nice dinner-time talk with my flatmate;
  6. Getting two of my Illie orders paid;
  7. The beautiful music that made me kinda nostalgic but not sad any longer;
  8. The chance to cook a quite tasty dinner;
  9. Having visitors read my blog publications;
  10. The breath-taking photos in the Facebook page Sketches of Sofia that reminded me in what a beautiful city I was born and raised.

On Wednesday, 7/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. Finally having the presentation that was postponed on Monday — and it went well!
  2. For my group and the work that we’ve done together:
  3. The sunny day that made me think of how weird it was that in my home country it’s snowing, and here I was, without a jacked enjoying the sunshine. If that’s not a reason to be grateful, what is?!
  4. Being the Snapchat reporter of my home university in Holland for the second time;
  5. Talking to my flatmates before dinner, and being able to share and listen to whatever they need to share, in return;
  6. My stubbornness finally paying off, and managing to add the products on the front page of my website which I’ve been trying to do in the previous couple of months;
  7. The employee from he printing studio for being nice and understanding, and explaining the simplest of things in a very kind way instead of being rude and irritated by my endless questions;
  8. Some unfamiliar people liking my posts which, in turn, means that my articles do have a certain value;
  9. Just being in Madrid and living in this city that is always alive;
  10. The support that my friends give me for my personal projects.
Madrid, December 2016

On Thursday, 8/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. The weather being sunny and warm;
  2. Going to Gran Via with my flatmate X. and having really, really good time, and for her helping me so much!
  3. The consultant in the make-up store for being very helpful and finding the right color of lipstick that I wanted to buy as a Christmas gift to my sister (unless I decide to keep it for myself, haha)
  4. The opportunity to talk to my mom. In fact, I’m grateful for it everyday — even in the days when I do not feel like talking to her. It matters that I can always pick up the phone and dial the familiar number, and know that I will hear her voice. It matters.
  5. My grandma’s call and for her happiness that I could hear and feel in the way she speaks;
  6. My flatmate’s help for my Spanish homework which I could not do on my own;
  7. The inspiration to write 2 blog / ad posts for my brand;
  8. Facebook’s YearInReview post that reminded me of beautiful experiences throughout the year and showed me in a recap that this year has been a good one;
  9. Letting myself get a McDonald’s — and not letting myself have a late-late-late sweet or unhealthy dessert much after dinner time! So proud!
  10. The unfamiliar person in the McDonald’s outlet who offered to share the table in that busy time while he was having lunch with his family.

On Friday, 9/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. Getting two orders @ Illie;
  2. The black Nigerian guy in front of the supermarket — for always been smiley and helpful, and always asking how I am, and for talking to him a little bit about Christmas and his religion and beliefs. It’s always refreshing to talk to someone who stays positive in the worst of times.
  3. The Christmas decoration in the hallway of my building that should bring some Christmas mood but it’s so sunny and warm outside that it’s impossible to feel like Christmas
  4. The man who helped me with my shopping bags
  5. My flatmates being crazy and funny
  6. The music of Linkin Park matching my mood. There are these times that I need to listen to something more aggressive and more… meaningful.
  7. Te cute TV show that I found by accident in Facebook ‘The Secret Life of 5-Year-Olds’, especially two short episodes: this one and this one. ‘Are you going to be in love with me?’ – ‘Yes’. ‘I’m going to be in love with you.’ ‘Aw, thanks!’. It’s really entertaining and meaningful at the same time, and it strikes me how smart and reasonable children actually can be. Like the child that was sad for not winning the trophy, and his friend told him… ‘Oh, I knowww, but you should’ve tried harder.’
  8. Finally buying the pizza that I’ve been wishing to buy for a couple of months, maybe.
My first business order for Christmas

On Saturday, 10/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. Having a very thoughtful conversation with my mother;
  2. Spending quality time with my flatmates;
  3. Eating sushi — finally!
  4. Getting a positive review from one of my business clients;
  5. Getting my nails done;
  6. One of my teammates who has done the project .doc file perfectly and with paying great attention to details which I find really important. I’m really grateful for working with people who care.

On Sunday, 11/12/2016, I was grateful for…

  1. Again, quality time with my flatmates in the cafeteria nearby. I really love the way that we discuss our ideas and that all of us have goals they want to achieve and dreams they want to realize, and everyone listens to the others attentively and gives them his support, or his actual opinion.
  2. img_3300
    Snapchat: illydadarova

    Being able to drink wine at noon 🙂

  3. Completing one of the most difficult orders that I’ve ever received and probably will ever receive;
  4. My clients being satisfied with the delivered products;
  5. Finally finishing the crappy book that I was reading in the previous days. It was one of the least original stories ever, with characters with almost no depth and being sooo stereotyped, and generally – such a cliche that you could predict everything that would happen after reading the first page. I enjoy ‘cheesy’ romantic books but this one was utterly ridiculous, and most of the time nothing made sense. It was an ‘OKAY’ for kill-time, but nothing more. And I’m grateful for being done with it.

What were you grateful for?

PS. Feel free to begin your Weekly Attitude for Gratitude in the comment box!


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