My Attitude of Gratitude. Week #3

The third week since I started my Attitude of Gratitude challenge, will be filled in with expected changes. You never understand how fast time flies — I thought that four months are such a long period of time, and here I am now, in my last days as an exchange student in Madrid. I’m trying not to ruin them by having great expectations because this is what I’ve always done until now: standing on the verge of a change in my life, I usually put too much thoughts and imagination into what I wanted to happen before this change occurs, instead of truly living these last moments of being in this stage of life.

Update: the previous sentences were written at the beginning of the week. Today, Sunday, on the one hand, I truly miss the calmness of Madrid — but on the other, I’m happy to be at home and stand by my family in a difficult time. I’m facing an enormous challenge in my life and I’ll need to be strong and grateful for the little things (which are very few in this negative and poisonous environment) and give strength to those who need it.

On Monday, 19.12., I was grateful for…

  1. Having had the opportunity to study at Universidad Europea de Madrid
  2. My teacher’s kindness and support
  3. The beauty of the surrounding world which I finally opened my eyes for
  4. The traffic jam that took me in the right place at the right time to see one of the most magnificent and beautiful views in my life that made me such a great impression and will never be erased from my mind — it was right after the rise of the sun, and I could see the gorgeous city of Madrid in the distance, for a couple of seconds… in purple, blue and pink, with the four famous skyscrapers surrounded by purple fog. Ah…
  5. Having a great dinner with my flatmates and letting them ‘get a touch of’ my culture and traditional food.
  6. The opportunity to be (maybe a little bit pathetically or drunkenly) open about topics that I never talk about, and receiving a friendly understanding.

On Tuesday, 20.12., I was grateful for…

  1. Knowing that what seems like an ending is the beginning of something new.
  2. Not having a terrible hangover after the previous time
  3. The person who would drive my car back to Bulgaria — 3000 km!

On Wednesday, 21.12., I was grateful for…

  1. Having the whole day just for myself
  2. Going to the city center by bus and seeing the beautiful Christmas decoration!
  3. The unfamiliar woman who paid my ticket in the bus
  4. My friends joining me for last tapas and una copa de vino blanco
  5. Finishing my day with a nice read in my bed

On Thursday, 22.12., I was grateful for…

  1. Going to the supermarket on foot and being able to do so despite the long time it took me
  2. Having a reason to be sad when my friend left the flat and for his kind words and compassion
  3. The delicious traditional dinner prepared by my Portuguese flatmates to celebrate the birthday of one of them
  4. The entertaining last night in Madrid spent together with my friends at home with a drink… and fun 🙂

On Friday, 23.12, I was grateful for…

  1. Finishing my exchange abroad with a heart full of love and a mind full of great memories;
  2. The poor man who gave me a euro instead of asking me for money
  3. My flatmate allowing me to use her pass
  4. The old woman who kissed me on the cheek and said something nice which I could not fully understand, unfortunately
  5. The kindness and the warmth of the airport staff

On Saturday, 24.12, I was grateful for…

  1. Being with my family despite the difficulties
  2. Having a great time with my sister in the shopping center
  3. Playing with the newest member of our family: the little dog Chara
  4. Choosing a place to spend the New Year’s Eve

On Sunday, 25.12., I was grateful for…

  1. Getting a surprise present from two of my friends 
  2. The gift I received from my family — a shisha. Each part was wrapped separately and unwrapping it was quite fun
  3. Baking Christmas cookies with my sister 
  4. Smoking shisha 
  5. Having a deep and meaningful conversation with my mom

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