My 2017 Resolutions

I love the new beginnings, as scary as they might be. Leaving the emotional burden of the past, keeping only the memories and the lessons, and preparing yourself for a new adventure, for building something new and exciting. I am fascinated by the idea that you can take everything off and start again, start fresh.

It is arguable that welcoming the new year itself is the change you are wishing for. For me, it is just a trigger, just a reminder that the moment has come to re-evaluate my choices, and to take new decisions, to fight for what you want and what you deserve.

While chilling in my bed in the first day of 2017, I found some inspiration in one of my favourite online platforms, Pinterest. Many people start the new year, scratching a list with new-year resolutions — which is a good way to begin the change you visualize for yourself. However, most of those are terribly unstructured and undirected, which sets as a prerequisite their ultimate failure.

That is why I would like to suggest an organized and clear way to write your new-year resolutions, aimed at giving you space to think of what you find really important and at taking you out of your beloved comfort zone. Moreover, you can prioritize them and create a schedule, planning when you will invest time and energy to complete each.

A new skill I’d like to learn: Photoshop

Because it will provide me with additional opportunities in job-seeking, and I’ve been meaning to start learning how to use the program… for ages.

A good deed I’d like to do: Buy a homeless person a full meal

Because it is an act of kindness that I believe is worth doing.

A bad habit I am going to break: Being insecure

It comprises my lack of confidence when approaching new people, my insecurity about my personal feelings and who I am as an individual, trusting my intuition and inner ‘me’ more. I believe that becoming more confident in both my personal and my professional life, will only bring positive results and improvements.

Also, I would like to stop using my phone and social media so much and so pointlessly — because I have come to realize that I spend too much valuable time on invaluable activities that neither bring me personal or emotional satisfaction, nor result into any other value added to my life.

A good habit I am going to obtain: Wake up early and plan my day

I am messy, I have already confessed that. Furthermore, in my bad days I prefer to ignore my issues by sleeping in and leaving just a couple of hours for thoughts associated with the given problems or responsibilities that I have and would prefer not to. Therefore, by waking up early and planning my day I will optimize my time and will start the battle of fighting one of my biggest enemies: the procrastination.

I would like to invest: into growing my business

Both financially, and time and effort investment.

Also, I would like to invest into my jewelry and make-up collections, which will be a soul-satisfactory act, done for my own pleasure and as a little visual step to increasing my confidence and beating the insecurity.

Something that I am going to work harder at: my university programme

Is there any need of explanation? I would like to concentrate more on obtaining knowledge and credits, as well as taking a few additional classes.

A new language I would like to start learning: Spanish

Although I have already studied Spanish, I am still a ‘very big beginner’. So, in 2017 I would like to achieve a level at which I can lead a normal conversation and understand when somebody speaks to me. Por que es muy dificil para mi.

A destination that I would like to visit: Italy (or Portugal)

These two countries are ones of my most desired destinations and I hope to be able to visit at least one of them, with friends, family or alone. In fact, in this year I would like to travel more — visit some places in the Netherlands such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Hague, and the surrounding countries.

A new food I’d like to try: Chinese

I have never tried Chinese food, and I think that 2017 will be the year when this will be changed.

A book I would like to read: any book written by Jorge Bucay

The reason why I put this in my bucket list for 2017, is: I have wanted to purchase and read something from this author for a very, very long time and I have postponed it on multiple occasions. Furthermore, in this year I would like to challenge myself and read at least 50 books — my ultimate goal is to read 100 šŸ™‚


I will keep my list short — although in the process of coming up with ideas, I realized that there is so much room for improvement, so many changes to be done, so many places to be visited, so many books to be read, so many things that will make me happy when I do them. In fact, it is my belief that those lists should not be written on one year’s occasion — on the contrary, they should become a constant habit for me, brainstorming for ideas how to enjoy life and how to become better.

In 2017, may you find your unique path to happiness and may you enjoy every step of your journey. Happy New Year!





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