How To Stay Positive In A World Of Negativity?

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Sometimes maintaining a positive attitude towards life can be a tough challenge, and it is much easier saying so than actually doing it. There have been those moments when everything seemed to fall apart and all my enthusiasm has been gone, leaving a boundless space for negative emotions and darkened thoughts. In order to cope with this kind of experience, which everyone has at least once in a while, it is crucial to avoid fixating on the dark and put efforts on re-focusing your attention to the good and bright parts of your life – even though you might not be able to notice it immediately, there will be always something positive to think about.

Complaining is an easy thing to do. Looking at the negative happenings is an effortless activity and yet is the most assured way of getting yourself in a depressive, energy-draining and happiness-killing mood. Moreover, relentless complaining is harmful for your health and your relationship with the people around you. It is not worth it, is it?

What is certainly worth, on the other hand, is training your mind to develop and uphold an optimistic and positive mental attitude toward yourself and all aspects of your life. Even – or especially – when you do not feel like it.

Frankly, I have had those periods of being a constant ‘complainer’ which must have been extremely tiresome for my friends and family. Sharing the bothering or dislikable things in your day is so much easier than looking out for the good and the bright in your life. Becoming a positivist in a world of negativity is one of the meaningful transformations that will lead to a ‘better me’ and a happier future.  To do so, I am following a few simple practices for creating and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Have a purpose or a goal to pursue

Studies have shown that facing your challenges with a purpose in mind gives you inner strength to overcome them because your mind is fixated on the future benefits and the upcoming happiness. It is important to visualize it and bring a definite meaning to your idea by developing a clear vision that can be planned and executed. Moreover, your thoughts are distracted from the negative and are occupied with finding ways to achieve your goal. Bringing a deeper meaning in your life is the best way to become a ‘positive thinker’.

Be proactive and take responsibility

It is a common and, to some extent, a subconscious belief that someone else is responsible for your happiness. Well, I have come to realize that nobody is – nobody but you. It is my life, and it is my responsibility to create my destiny or at least to build my positive attitude towards it. While it is easier to take the position of a victim and complainingly ask ‘Why me?’, the correct way to approach a negative situation is ‘Try me’ and look at the challenging events as a gained lesson or an experience which will help me grow and become a better and stronger individual.

Be grateful

As human beings, we feel the absence of the good in our lives much deeper than its presence. We find it natural to concentrate on our unfulfilled desires instead of simply be grateful for what we already have. It is proved that maintaining a positive attitude of gratitude brings improvement to any aspect of your life: your health, your mood or your relationships with others. That is why I have recently started my #AttitudeOfGratitude challenge – writing down a couple of things I feel grateful for in each day. In this way, I intentionally shift my attentional focus and boost up my mood by thinking positively.

Limit my complaints

In most of the situations I encounter, fixation over and complaining about an event or a person do not bring any value nor offer a solution. This is nothing but a waste of time and efforts. Instead, it is much more helpful to seek ways to solve the issue or alter the happening in a beneficial way, or accept what cannot be changed and move on.

Get rid of the negative

Even though it is more difficult to be done than said, hitting ‘pause’ on the negative thoughts as they enter your mind, eliminating the negative words of your vocabulary and staying away from the pessimistic and discouraging people in your life are necessities in order to get a positive attitude. Instead of thinking or saying to yourself ‘I can’t’, you must keep an open mind and boost your willpower by believing in your powers and qualities. Instead of telling a negative answer to the question ‘How are you?’, use your sense of humor and pick up a story that shows that you can laugh at the absurdities of life. Instead of going out with people who look down on you and your willingness to change, choose a companion who has a great attitude and an optimistic outlook.

There’s a saying that ‘you must master a new way to think before you can master a new way to be’. Your mind can be trained to see the good in every situation and maintain the positive attitude which will help you succeed and find happiness. If this is not worth the effort, what else is?

PS. How do you keep a positive attitude in bad situations?

Feel free to share your ways of doing so in the comment box!



4 thoughts on “How To Stay Positive In A World Of Negativity?

  1. Dreamer Achiever says:

    It’s good to concentrate on good things and instead of complaining we should focus on finding solutions to our problems. My former boss once said that before you say something firsts think 1) is this something positive, 2) is this something funny, 3) is this something under influence of the listener. Only complain if the listener can actually help you to find a solution.

    Nora /

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  2. Amy | Toothbrush Travels says:

    I’m a very positive person but I think that without darkness you cannot appreciate the light and that sometimes negativity is needed – especially when it helps to alter a situation. For example you can’t fix something (like a situation) if nobody knows it’s broken so sometimes complaining can be useful.

    Definitely more things to be happy about than there are unhappy though!

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  3. Kaleigh says:

    This is so perfect. I am typically very positive, but the world definitely has its way.. I think it’s a good thing; a way to bring us all back down to reality. And it’s important we learn to juggle both. Staying focused on my goals has probably been one of the best ways to keep me up on my toes, though!

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