The Art of Letting Go

As I have admitted so many times already, saying ‘Goodbye’ to happy times is one of my hardest battles. I am the kind of a person who gets attached too deeply, which creates a great challenge for me when I must leave an experience behind in order to move on and attain something new… and sometimes, better.

An important characteristic of our generation is our constant movement; our living in an unceasingly changing environment and our ability to adjust ourselves to the occurring transformations. So many of the people I meet have adopted a positive, forward-thinking approach to life that helps them live in the moment and be done with it once it’s gone. We befriend people so easily and enjoy our time as long as we have it, then let them go and continue with our own lives. We live in a different place every couple of months, and sometimes, we travel across the globe seeking adventure and experience.

Letting go, however, is not one of my biggest strengths. I get involved and naturally stay focused on what is gone instead of thinking about the upcoming. It takes much effort to shift my mindset and to remain concentrated on the current moment. I miss places, I miss people, and I miss my previous ‘soul-states’ when I’ve felt happy and relaxed. However, I’ve come to realize that getting fixated on the past is not worth it, neither is trying to keep things that are already gone. If something is meant to continue, it will — without you overthinking and overrating on it. If something is meant to die off, it will — you can only ruin your past happy experience by fighting to keep it alive.

Easy to say, difficult to do, anyway. I am writing this, sitting on the chair of my previous Dutch house where I lived about an year ago — but now, there are new tenants and everything is changed. In order to come here and continue my studies, I had to say ‘Goodbye’ to an amazingly good experience that brought me so much happiness and so much peace. And I need to be fine with this, to let it go and move on. To focus on what’s coming — that’s what I need to do.

Hence, I decided to make a list — my nearest goals to achieve, my expected future experiences and the most significant gains that they will bring around. In this way, whenever I start feeling low or keep on overthinking my situation, I can come back here and remind myself: Let it go.

Meeting new people

In the previous months, I realized that I truly enjoy encountering people from different backgrounds, with different culture and views .

Getting my ECTs

Because everything I have done in the last three years, will be a waste of resources if I do not finish my education.

Upcoming interview for a start-up

Even if it does not result into getting the job because of various possible reasons, it will anyway be a useful experience.


Because to travel, is to live. The best way to broaden your horizons is to explore other cultures — this is how we find ourselves. At least, due to financial and timing limitations, I can travel around Holland and its surrounding countries.

Keeping on with my business

Illie is very important to me and one of the things that make me extremely happy and inspired. Therefore, I can continue working on my project and getting its way to success.

Keeping on with my blog

As you have probably noticed, I have not been so active in publishing articles on my blog, therefore, my ‘self-exploration’ mission has been slightly paused. In the upcoming months, I will face many challenges that will result into gaining a better view of my qualities and weaknesses. They will be great opportunities to develop myself and to modify my personality in such a way that it meets my vision of the woman I want to be.

I have not still mastered the Art of Letting Go, and yet I can notice some improvements, no matter how small those are. First of all, I recognize the need to concentrate on the present and to look out for the future experiences, meaning that I will be able to force myself into doing so. And it will be worth it.

PS. Share your Unique stories with us!



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