‘Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.’

Each person fights a battle in their life, and it takes courage to face the reality and become a warrior. Many would give up, find an easy way to cope with all the difficulties and never realize their dreams and visions. You can choose whether to grumble over misfortune and allow it to make you miserable and unsatisfied, always complaining about life victim, or to handle your issues and say ‘yes’ to the challenges, and become your own hero.


My fight is not an easy one, as long as we can even think of comparing our fates. It is not the hardest one, as well. It can break me or make me. My choice is, to be the heroine of my life. I was born in an ordinary Bulgarian family, and was more or less an ordinary child, until the year which changed my life completely. A doctor’s mistake decided my fate, setting the physical limits of my childhood, and my adulthood. It was my mistake that I let it put limitations on my psychology and understanding of the world, too. From that moment on, I would be different, and this was out of my control. Anything else is what I can control, what I can navigate and what I can decide.

At high school, I have been extremely active in the extracurricular activities, becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, and a significant part of the board of the non-governmental organization People to People International. I decided to study abroad, and was accepted in the Netherlands, where I applied and was approved for the Top Class Program of the university. At the moment [October, 2016], I am doing my Erasmus in one of the most alive cities in the world, Madrid. I am a poetess, and have some of my poems published. I have ideas for setting up my own business, which I am trying to realize. My life is not bad, and these are all my decision. This is what I can control.

I believe, though, that I can achieve more. I can be better. I do not feel completely satisfied with the person who I am. I feel that parts of me are still broken, I still do not feel as confident as I wish I could be, and still try to disguise my imperfections. I still wonder what people see when they look at me, and feel afraid to follow my intuition and to dream big.

The mission of this blog, Seek The Unique, is to help me explore my uncertainties and accept what cannot be changed. Moreover, I would like to create a vision for myself, and take the courage to pursue it. I would like to stop being afraid and set long-term goals, and go after these goals, no matter what. I would like to learn to be ‘me’ without having this constant thought, secretly stuck into my mind, of what others would say. And I hope that you, my readers, would benefit or be inspired to do the same. We are all unique, and our uniqueness matters. That is why we should always Seek The Unique.


Iliyana Dadarova