Farewell, Madrid

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again. I could use two completely different approaches when I began writing this article. It is dedicated to my exchange abroad which took place from September to December 2016, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Madrid. Its... Continue Reading →


My Attitude of Gratitude. Week #1

Not so long ago I read a book about improving my conversational skills and boosting my confidence when approaching new people and wishing to lead better conversations. It was a good read, and actually I found some points quite interesting and applicable. One of the things that impressed me most, though, was the so-called Love... Continue Reading →

The Art of Improving Yourself

I've met many people (and even lived with some) who are constantly working on themselves in order to take out more of their endless opportunities and bring more into the world, in return. It made me wonder: what's their art? What's the Art of Improving Yourself? A couple of years ago, I wouldn't notice the... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With Sadness

I'm a highly sensitive person, as you maybe have already learned from my previous article. And above all, I am a woman -- which means that I can be frustratingly moody at times. It might be the most beautiful day outside and still, parts of me will hurt and my enthusiasm will drop to the... Continue Reading →

When Did I Stop Trusting Myself?

Trusting yourself is the most important thing to do during the process of building your confidence and achieving independence from the world. I've been thinking about one of my projects last night, trying to come up with good ideas -- and then came the moment of realization: I do not trust myself any more. No... Continue Reading →

One-Day Trip To Toledo

The most memorable experiences in life happen spontaneously, without much preparation and certainly – without any planning done in advance. When I think about the best times of my life, they were almost never expected – a sudden call from a friend, a coincidental meeting, or a wild urge to travel and be somewhere else.... Continue Reading →

A Moment Of Appreciation

Tonight, I just feel grateful. I want to take the time to think about all the friendships that I have built during the last years, all of which have had their peaks and downs, some of which are going to last for years and some are maybe going to fade away with the time. I... Continue Reading →

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